10th Class Math Chapter 1 Solution PDF [Download Now]

If you are the students of class 10 and are looking for the notes of mathematics, then you are at the right place. In this article you can find out the preview and can also download the PDF file of 10th class math chapter 1. These notes are created according to the syllabus of the Federal board and all the Punjab boards of Pakistan.

10th Class Math Chapter 1

All these notes are created very carefully and we tried our best to remove all the mistakes in these notes. You can download the PDF file of the chapter 1 notes from the following download button.

In this PDF, you can find out:

  • Complete solved chapter 1
  • Easy and simple method of solving all the questions
  • Every single question is solved
  • You can download the file by just a single click

The chapter 1 of class 10 math is related to the Quadratic equations. Different problems about the Quadratic equations are given that can be solved by the different methods. You can preview the PDF file given below:

10th Class Math Chapter 1

Quadratic equation is an equation which contains the square of the unknown quantity, but no higher power. The quadratic equation is also known as the second degree equation and has the general form ax2+bx+c=0, where a#0 and a, b, c are real numbers. If in any quadratic equation, b=0 then it is called a pure quadratic equation.

To find out the solution set of a quadratic equation, following methods are used:

  • Factorization
  • Completing square
  • Quadratic formula

You can solve any kind of quadratic equation by these 3 methods. The problems related to all the 3 methods are given in chapter 1.

Quadratic formula can be derived from the general form of the quadratic equation by the completing square method. The quadratic formula is a useful tool for solving all those equations which can or can not be factorized.

Different types of equations including reciprocal equations, exponential equations and radical equations are given in this chapter. Problems related to all these equations are given in the 3rd and 4th exercise of this chapter.

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